1979 Citroën Dyane Sold

Sold £4,250 (open to sensible offers) North Northumberland ref # C4S-26382

1979 Citroen Dyane – ‘The Frog’. Currently my fair weather daily driver (I use my C15 van when they have salted the roads!). Good condition (as can be seen in the photographs), but not pristine, lovely engine and drives great. Previously owned by a local elderly gent before becoming mine as a rescue last year after resting for a number of years in doors (I really didn’t need another Citroen but it needed saving). Revived last summer (including new hood, reinstated rear seats after removing bespoke dog guard, engine service, brake bleed, wings off and inners wire brushed & techsealed) other bits and bobs to return to the road. The Frog is on an original chassis but it is in great shape and well protected. The only rust evident was in the driver’s footwell – pin holes, which I have cut out and have welded in a new section (see pictures). Floors, boot, seatbelt points, sills all good. Hours spent getting the paint back to a reasonable shine – as you can see it has cut-out rear wings which I think are a bit ‘marmite’ – love them or hate them! Wings are a satin black and with the new black roof make a good looking and distinctive Dyane. Boot is also good (inside and out) but the black paint on the outside is a bit ‘iffy’ and would be an area for improvement if I was keeping it. I already had a yellow Dyane (Bumble) before The Frog arrived and after putting new barrels and pistons etc. on that one (plus Mrs had bought Bee cushions and blanket…) I’ve decided that it is The Frog that sadly needs to go.

Somehow managed to acquire multiple 2cvs and the 2 Dyanes over the last 10 years and also recently a basket case Mehari that needs time and funds. Usual story of too may Citroens, a full restoration of my original Dolly, started in 2015 (I didn’t get to stay at home during the pandemic and learn a new language or restore a classic!) plus the 2 other 2cv projects and now the Mehari – something has to give.

Registered in my name as an historic vehicle, Tax and MOT exempt. Happy to answer questions, tea and biscuits here if you would like to come and see/drive. Happy to discuss helping with delivery for a bit of fuel £ and a train ticket back home 🙂