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Radiator Hose: Peugeot 403 / 404


Visa 2-Cyl, Bougicord HT Plug Lead Set


Visa 2cyl 652cc Exhaust Downpipe, Right


Sticker: “ALARM”


Sticker: “If You Soil This Vehicle…”


Sticker: “Please Do Not Slam The Door”


Permit Holder: “… Own Risk”


Heavy Duty Triple Chain Wrench Tool


Visa rear light lens


200-Piece 2CV Jigsaw Puzzle


Fuel Filter, large, inlet/outlet at top


Wheel Cylinder, R4, R5, R6, Rodeo, Rear


Ignition Points, Opel / Vauxhall (1970s)


Peugeot Battery Post +ve Connector


Haynes Spanner Keyring


Lamp, Number Plate/Interior, Black


Electric Window or Electric Aerial Switch


Lamp, Chrome Number Plate/Interior


Lamp, Small, Flush-Fit, (4 colours available)


Lamp, Flush-Mounting, large, (orange or white)


Little Book of Camper Van


Favourite VW Camper Recipes


VW Camper 1/38th Scale (colour choice)