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Locking Fuel Cap Replacement Gasket Seals (2), for 2cv, DS, HY & many others


ZX Estate Roof-Rail Blanking Plugs (Set of 6)


2cv Van Spare Wheel Security Device


Dinitrol Rust Treatment Plastic Plugs x10


Rechargeable LED Worklight


Gaiter Spreader Tool, 2CV etc


1950s Style Citroen Badge Sticker


2cv “Sorry” Slow Up Hill Sticker


10 Cable Ties, 370mm x 7.6mm, 2cv Heater Hose, etc


Large “From France With Love” Sticker


Flashing LED, ‘Alarm’ Warning


Citroen Chevrons, Circlular Sticker, Blue/Silver


10 Cable Ties, 300mm x 3.6mm


Heavy Duty Triple Chain Wrench Tool


200-Piece 2CV Jigsaw Puzzle


Mehari Key Ring, Green


Wooden Puzzle: Citroen 2cv Vans


Wooden Puzzle: Citroen Ami


Saxo Key Ring, Citroen Promo Item


Haynes Spanner Keyring


Battery Isolator – Spare Key


VW Camper 1/38th Scale (colour choice)