Boyer Bransden Electronic Ignition: Additional Notes for 2cv/Dyane

If you are fitting a Boyer Bransden points-triggered electronic ignition unit to an A-series Citroën, such as a 2cv, Dyane, Ami etc, we  hope you find these notes helpful.

For warranty reasons, the unit should be fitted in accordance with the Boyer Bransden instructions, so the following notes are not intended to be a replacement for those instructions or any other information provided by Boyer Bransden.

The ‘General Fitting Instructions’ supplied in the box from Boyer Bransden are relevant to all vehicles. and so gives choices, (in instruction no5), related to ‘ballast resistors’. The choice that applies to A-series Citroens is “a)”, where it suggests that you refer to Fig1.  However, Fig5 is also suitable and you may find that easier to follow than Fig1, (as the diagram of the set-up on the motor-cycle engines as shown in Fig5 is closer to that of the 2cv).

It is very important that you make good reliable connections. How you do this is up to you. In our workshop, we prefer not to change the vehicle’s original connectors so, when fitting to a 2cv/Dyane, we will normally cut off three of the four connectors on the Boyer Bransden unit and replace them as follows:
A. We crimp a 4mm round male red connector to black+white wire.
(This will connect to the points wire, after it has been removed from the coil).
B. We crimp a 4mm round female red connector to blue wire.
(This will connect to the negative terminal on the coil).
C. We use the existing connector on the black wire.
(This will connect to a suitable earthing point).
D. We make a ‘piggy-back’ connection as follows, for the white wire:
i. Together with the white wire, we crimp an additional short length of similar wiring cable into a 4mm round female blue connector, so we have two wires crimped into the same connector. (This blue connector will attach to the positive terminal on the coil).
ii. At the other end of the added short wire, we crimp a 4mm round male red connector. (This will connect to the original wire from the ignition switch, after it has been removed from the coil).
In case you want to do the same, with each unit we sell, we supplied the following additional 4mm round connectors that can be used: 2 male red, 1 female red, 1 blue female, plus 1 short wire, (in addition to the connectors already supplied by Boyer Bransden). You may prefer to use your own connectors instead.

A. Disconnect the points wire from the coil and connect that wire to the black+white wire from the Boyer Bransden unit.
B. Connect the blue wire from the BB unit to the negative terminal on the coil (where you just removed the points wire from).
C. Connect the black wire from the BB unit to a good earthing point.
D. The positive side of the coil needs to have the existing wire (from the ignition switch) and the white wire from the BB unit, so you need to connect both these wires together.

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