Solutions for Loose Mirrors on 2cv & Dyane

You don’t need to buy a new mirror!

The original Geco mirrors were better quality than (and will outlast) any of the copies that you can buy now.  Fixing your original rather than replacing it, makes better financial and ecological sense. 

Here are some simple low-cost fixes for the common causes of loose mirrors.

1) Mounting block turning on the door

Is the large central screw tight?
Inside the door, is the small screw missing or broken off?

The purpose of the small internal screw is to clamp both the inner and outer door-skins together. If it’s missing, the outer skin will flex around the mirror mounting, which leads to the metal cracking. Take care not to overtighten the small screw, as it can snap off if overtightened.

We can supply a new mounting screw set if you need one.

Does the block turn, even when the large central screw is tight?
Is the mounting gasket in good condition?

There is a thin gasket between the mounting block and the door. If it is missing, too thin or deteriorated with age, replacing it will help.

We can supply a new gasket on its own or with a new mounting block set.

2) Arm loose in mounting block

When driving faster, does the wind blows your mirror arm back?

There is a thin plastic tubular sleeve between around the arm, in the block. The two small screws are there to adjust the block’s compression of this sleeve onto the arm. If the sleeve has worn too thin, excessive tightening to compensate can crack the block.

We can supply new compression sleeve on its own, or a new mounting block with everything that goes with it.

3) Mirror head loose on the arm

We have two different solutions to this problem.  Full details on our Mirror Head Swivel Kits page

Buying other parts for your original 2cv / Dyane mirrors

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