1971 Citroën Dyane For Sale

£1,000 Coningsby, Lincolnshire ref # C4S-25488

Time has come to face the fact that I will not get my old Dyane restored, so I’m putting it up for sale as a project. Not for the faint-hearted, but I have seen people restore worse! 1971 Dyane 4, converted to 6 mechanicals. Been stood outside for a number of years, several of them without a roof, so rust has taken a good hold of it. Engine and gearbox are seized and probably beyond salvation. However, it does have some good panels, which were new when it was “restored” about 25 years ago, and although they may have picked up a few dents and some surface rust they are still good. They include the front wings (inner and outer), rear wings, bonnet (not shown), front panel and bumpers. Tailgate was also new, but I think that has rotted around the window inside, so not sure about exact condition (it is push-button type). Seats are also included (black Targa vinyl, front is a bench, good apart from a split in the front). Located near Coningsby, Lincolnshire. As I have to put a price, I’m going to ask £1000. Any questions, please contact me.

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