£8,000 Bromyard, Herefordshire ref # C4S-20403

This is a hard decision but the time has come to let her go. I’ve owned this goddess since 2004 and we’ve had some adventures together but now a hectic life and other projects mean I can’t give her the attention she needs so it’s time to let someone else take over guardianship.
When I got her she needed all the usual things a DS will need after 10 years in a garage going nowhere. The door bottoms and wings were rotten so they were replaced or repaired. She had a respray and we set sail on a few years of family holidays, camping trips to Cornwall and a memorable week in Paris for the 50th anniversary of DS.
But then divorce and relocation meant she was again off the road. When the time came a couple of years ago to put her back into use we found that age had taken its toll. So off she went to Citroen specialists Leycroft Autocare in Worcester. Malcolm, the master of all things French, worked wonders and over a year or so replaced a huge amount of rust with new metal. He also overhauled the brakes, cooling and fuel systems. See photos for the full breakdown.
But I still don’t have the time to look after her.
DS’s are now fetching serious money and you can’t find a decent one for less than £20k and from there the prices head skywards. This is a chance to win a true design icon, a car that changed motoring for a lot less than that. It’s rhd, French built, classic single spoke steering wheel.
She’s solid, the engine runs, the hydraulics work and she’s got a MOT.
Bad points: all panels need work, the roof needs to come off to attend to rust in the roof rail, the interior needs tidying and she will need new tyres.
Located in Herefordshire, UK

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