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BX Front Brake Caliper Handbrake Lever Cover


Citroën BX GTI Fuel Injection Relay


Douvrin Transfer Case Bearing, Visa, BX, LNA, C15, 104, 205, Samba, R14, etc?


GS/GSA Exhaust Y-Pipe (4-speed)


Locking Fuel Cap Replacement Gasket Seals (2), for 2cv, DS, HY & many others


Special Nut, 12mm/M8, Carburettor, 2cv, R4 etc


Visa 652cc 2cyl Flywheel Ring-Gear


XUD Diesel Cambelt Tensioner BX C15 Visa 205 305 etc


2cv / Dyane Master Cylinder Foam Mounting Gasket


2cv Coil Mounting Fixings, Stainless, Inox


2CV Fan Bolt Spring Washer


Points Box Cover Screw, 2cv etc




Brake Adjuster Kit for 2CV/Dyane/etc and DS/ID


27/28mm Exhaust Clamp, AK350 etc


29mm Exhaust Clamp, Ami6 etc


Citroen AK350 RARE Clutch Cable (Oct67-May68 only)


Washer Hose


Rechargeable LED Worklight


Copper sump/level plug washers (x5)


Gaiter Spreader Tool, 2CV etc


Wiper Spindle Size Adaptor, 50s/60s


Parking Brake Pads, DS / ID Citroen


Tyre valve stainless steel caps, set of 5


M7 bolt, (set-screw)


M7 Nuts, pack of 10


10 Cable Ties, 370mm x 7.6mm, 2cv Heater Hose, etc


2cv Speedometer


Exhaust Tailpipe Trim, to fit 18-32mm


Exhaust Tailpipe Trim, to fit 20-34mm


Exhaust Tailpipe Trim, to fit 24-37mm


Reverse Light Switch, GS, LNA


Carburettor Diaphragm, BX16?


Radiator Hose: Peugeot 403 / 404


Citroen AX Invoicing Times Manual


Citroen BX Invoicing Times Manual


New Haynes Workshop Manual: GS/GSA


New Haynes Workshop Manual: BX petrol


Haynes Workshop Manual: CX petrol


New Haynes Workshop Manual: 405


Visa 2cyl 652cc Exhaust Downpipe, Right


2cv Accelerator Pedal Floor Bracket, Earliest Type


10 Cable Ties, 300mm x 3.6mm


GS/A, Ami Super Heatshield Clip


Heavy Duty Triple Chain Wrench Tool


Fuel Filter, large, inlet/outlet at top


Wheel Cylinder, R4, R5, R6, Rodeo, Rear


Suspension Arm Bearing Seal, C15, BX


Suspension Arm Bearing, C15, BX