You can pay for your online purchases either with a PayPal or Stripe account, or with a Credit or Debit card.

All payments (including credit or debit cards) are made securely through PayPal or Stripe.

We at RetroSpecParts do not deal directly with your payment: You can choose either Paypal or Stripe to do this securely for you. They deal entirely with the payment process and all the necessary security checks and will ensure that your financial details are hidden, for your security.

If you prefer not to set up an account with either of these secure payment providers, you do not have to, as they can normally process a card payment without the need for this.

Paypal & Stripe do not charge you for their secure payment services. They charge us, by deducting a fee plus a percentage of your total payment, before forwarding the remainder of your payment to us.

If for any reason your payment is delayed or rejected by Paypal or Stripe, please contact them directly, (or your card provider if applicable), as we are not given any details. In such cases we would normally leave the order ‘pending’ for seven days to allow a reasonable time for any problems to be resolved and for payment to be received. For further details about PayPal and Stripe, please see their websites.