Convex Mirror Glass


Our car mirror glasses are made in 2.8mm thick, 13.5m radius glass, which is first-surface chromed with a slight tint. This is the current industry-standard (as used on modern car door mirrors). Our van mirror glasses are similar but with a slightly larger radius. The reason that convex mirrors are used is so that the driver can see over a larger area when looking in the mirror, however this also means that images in the mirror appear to be further away than they actually are. For some Cipa mirrors, we have had the glass made fractionally smaller than the original, in order to improve the fit when used in conjuction with our flexible surround trim. (This is the reason that some kits include a glass).

Care and Cleaning

Care must be taken not to scratch the chrome coating on the outer surface of the glass.  Clean with soap and water using a soft cloth.  Abrasive products must not be used.

Identifying the mirrors on your French classic

We have another page dedicated to identifying your mirror.


The mirror glass must be fitted so that the convex surface faces outwards. Incorrect fitting will cause images to appear to be too large & too close, and the area visible will be greatly reduced & distorted. The glass must not therefore be fitted with the concave surface outwards.

In order to fit a new glass, the surround will need to be removed. If the mirror still has the original hard plastic surround, you will need a flexible silicone replacement: The fitting instructions (below) for our Mirror Surround Trim kits cover replacing the glass.

Fitting instructions

Buying convex mirror glass

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