Citroën A Series

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Metal Peugeot Badges, Choice of 4


Wheel Cylinder, R4, R5, R6, Rodeo, Rear


Ignition or Alarm Switch (2 Keys)


2cv Export, AZAM etc, interior door knob


Condenser, SEV Marchal, GS/GSA, Ami Super


Condenser, Ducellier, GSA, CX, Peug, etc


Condenser, Ducellier, CX, GS, Visa, Peugeot, Renault, etc


Condenser, Magnetti Marelli, Citroen CX etc


Condenser, Paris Rhone, Visa, Samba, 104, etc


Distributor Cap, Ducellier, GS, R5, Simca etc


Distributor Cap, Ducellier, Citroen CX, Fiat, etc


Distributor Cap, Bosch, Visa, BX, 104, 205, Samba etc


Distributor Cap, Paris Rhone, Visa, 104, Samba etc


Ignition Cassette Points, SEV Marchal


Ignition Points, Ami Super, GS/A, etc, Ducellier


Ignition Points, HY, Estafette, Fiat, Ducellier


Ignition Points, Citroen CX 80-82, etc, Ducellier


Ducellier Ignition Points, Citroen CX, Alfasud, etc


Ignition Points, Citroen CX, Fiat, Magnetti Marelli


Ignition Points, CX 79-80, Renault, Ducellier


Ignition Points, Ducellier, Citroen, Peugeot, etc


Ignition Points, Traction Avant, Light15, etc


Ignition Points, Paris Rhone, Citroen, Talbot, etc


Ignition Points, Magnetti Marelli, Renault 4 Van, etc


Ignition Points, Magnetti Marelli, Peugeot, Fiat, etc


Ignition Points, Opel / Vauxhall (1970s)


Rotor Arm, Ducellier, GS, Ami Super, etc


Rotor Arm, Ducellier, GSA, CX, Visa, Renault etc


Mk1 Renault 5 Alternator


Peugeot Battery Post +ve Connector


Suspension Arm Bearing Seal, C15, BX


Suspension Arm Bearing, C15, BX


Battery +ve Quick-Release Clamp


Haynes Spanner Keyring


Lamp, Number Plate/Interior, Black


Metal Simca Badge


Battery Cable, 450mm, Black


Battery Cable, eye both ends, 600mm, Red


Battery Cable, eye both ends, 915mm, Black


Battery Isolator Switch, Heavy Duty