Citroën A Series

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Battery Cable, 2CV etc, 600mm, Red


Battery Cable, 2CV etc, 600mm, Black


Fuses, glass, 5-pack


Headlamp Bulb, 12v, Round Base, 40/45w, Yellow


Headlamp Bulb, 12v, Round Base, Halogen Upgrade, Yellow


Yellow Glass Cover for Halogen Headlamp Bulb


10 Cable Ties, 370mm x 7.6mm, 2cv Heater Hose, etc


Switch, Pull-On, (similar 2CV etc)


Switch, Push-On, Small, Black or Red


Bulb, 6 volt, 21w, Indicator etc


Bulb, 6 volt, 21/5w, Stop & Tail


12v Orange Bulb for Clear Indicators


Flashing LED, ‘Alarm’ Warning


Horn, High or Low tone, 2cv etc


10 Cable Ties, 300mm x 3.6mm


Wiper Refill, Cut to Length


Lamp: Rear Fog Light


Lamp: Reverse Light


Lamp Set: Rear Fog & Reverse Lights


Switch mounting (single hole)


Switch, Heavy Duty Classic, Dual-Pole


Switch, Metal Toggle, Dual-Pole, with Plate


Switch, Metal Toggle, HD, Flash/Horn/Washers


Switch, Metal Toggle, Heavy Duty


Switch, Mini Metal Toggle, On/Off/On


Switch, plastic illuminated, (colour choice)


Switch: Chromed Push-Button


Switch: Push-Button, Stainless/Inox


LED Heavy Duty Toggle switch (colour choice)


Ignition or Alarm Switch (2 Keys)


Battery +ve Quick-Release Clamp


Lamp, Number Plate/Interior, Black


Battery Cable, 450mm, Black


Battery Cable, 915mm, Red


Battery Cable, eye both ends, 600mm, Red


Battery Cable, eye both ends, 915mm, Black


Battery Isolator Switch, Heavy Duty


Battery Isolator – Spare Key


Protective Cover for Battery Isolator Switch


Electric Window or Electric Aerial Switch