Brake Adjuster Kit for Citroën DS, 2CV, etc

The original brake adjusters on Citroën A-series and DS will often seize, meaning that the brakes cannot be adjusted. This leads to excessive brake pedal travel and inefficient braking. If new shoes are fitted, it may be impossible to get enough clearance to refit the brake drum if the adjusters cannot be freed. It used to be that the only alternative was to fit replacement original parts (when available) which involved peening over the pin while maintaining pressure on the domed washers.  Not easy!

  • Much easier to fit than the original,
  • Far less prone to seizing (or even being stiff to turn) than the original, even without lubrication,
  • If ever required, can be easily removed & refitted without damage, (unlike the original).

Our easy-fit alternative has been used on Citroën brakes all over the world since 2010. We sell them to individual owners and have repeat sales to several specialist garages.

Fitting Instructions

Buying Brake Adjuster Kit

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