Vent Seal Kit for Dyane & Ami

If your cold-weather driving pleasure is reduced by having your hands and face bombarded by cold air, despite your air vents being closed, then this is what you need.

Over time, the original seal deteriorates or simply wears down, leaving a gap for the outside-temperature air to get through.

Using modern equivalent materials, we have reproduced this seal using a specially laminated pad, made up of a soft brushed-nylon surface layer, a springy foam layer and a strong self-adhesive backing.

Our kit also includes a second seal, for between the vent assembly and the car’s bulkhead/firewall. We have had this sealing gasket made from a closed-cell foam material to prevent water ingress and have given it a strong self-adhesive backing for ease of fitting and to prevent it slipping out of position upon re-assembly.

We have two different kits:

  • Dyane & Acadiane
  • Ami 8 & Ami Super

Each kit provides for 1 vent, so 2 kits are required per vehicle.

Contents of each kit (for one air vent):

  • 1 x Pre-cut brushed-nylon lined foam seal with self-adhesive backing: Fits between shutter flaps & vent housing.
  • 1 x Pre-cut closed-cell pad with self-adhesive backing: Fits between vent housing & bulkhead.

Full fitting instructions are available to download (or a paper version can be supplied with your order, if requested).

Fitting instructions

Buying vent seal kits

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