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Gaiter Spreader Tool, 2CV etc



Special tool for easily fitting gaiter over 2CV track rod arm ball, and for refitting outer drive-shaft into middle gaiter.

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Special 4-pronged gaiter spreading tool.

As far as we know, no other Citroen parts specialist sells this tool, or anything like it! 

When you want to re-fit the outer drive-shaft to your 2CV/Dyane/etc, what do you do?: 

  • You could struggle with the old greasy middle gaiter, trying to open the 20mm hole enough to fit the 30mm driveshaft end into it, whilst getting covered in grease.
  • You could just cut off the perfectly good old middle gaiter and replace it, to save getting covered in grease, and then struggle with expanding the sometimes much harder rubber of a new gaiter.
  • Or you could spend just a few seconds with this tool: Just place the 4 prongs in the open end of the gaiter, squeeze the handles to open the gaiter, and insert the outer driveshaft: Simple.

This tool is just as effective when fitting the rubber gaiter onto the ball of the steering track-rod arm. It's a joy to use!

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