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Convex replacement mirror-glass. 

These are not the cheap flexible 1.5mm thick glasses that are available from some other suppliers. These are 2.8mm thick and made to European automotive standard and are the best available anywhere.

to choose from here*, covering several of the most popular Cipa & Geco mirrors, as fitted to many classic French cars.  (*We also have Citroen H-van mirror glasses and surrounds listed separately).

PLEASE NOTE: This is a mirror-glass only.  If your mirror still has the original hard plastic surround, (which is usually impossible to remove/refit without damage), you will need the appropriate MirrorCool surround kit in order to fit our glass. (Click on "Related Products", above this description).


Here is a rough guide to the three* mirror glasses listed here:

(*We also have Citroen H-van mirrors listed separately).

Geco 22, 274, 275, or 438 mirrors:

  • These were fitted to almost all Citroen 2CV/Dyane/Ami/Mehari/AK/etc, (from early 70s to 1990), and some other Citroens, Peugeots, Renaults, Simcas/Chryslers and some Morgans. They were sometimes also supplied as after-market accessory mirrors as well as extended towing mirrors.  They were usually stainless steel (inox) but sometimes plastic-coated, (eg: light grey plastic coating on Citroen 2cv vans, black plastic-coating on some Renault 4).

Cipa 54, 195, 225, or 35215 mirrors:

  • These mirrors where fitted as original equipment to a huge number of Citroens, Peugeots & Renaults, some Simcas/Chryslers and also some Morgans.  Citroen models included higher spec DS (Pallas etc) and some SM.
  • Poor quality copies of the original Cipa mirrors are still being sold today. 

Cipa 320, 355, 358 (& Gemo 436) mirrors:

  • Often fitted to the Citroen DS lower spec models (Special, Super, Confort), Citroen GS and earlier CX and earlier Visa. Also seen on some Peugeots & Renaults.  355 and 358 are both aluminium.  320 is a stainless steel (more shallow bodied) copy of the original,  that has been sold as a replacement over recent years.

MirrorCool mirror glasses are the best quality available and made to European automotive standards. We do not supply the inferior 1.5mm thick copies that are sold for 2CVs by some other suppliers.  

With convex mirror glasses, the driver can see over a larger area when looking in the mirror, however this also means that images in the mirror appear to be further away than they actually are. This information is not printed on the glass and so may not be suitable for some areas outside the EU, where this may be a legal requirement.

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