Headlamp trims, Dyane Mehari PL17 Ami Acadiane


Pair of grey surround trims for headlamp bezels

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Protect your paintwork and stop your bezels rattling!

A pair of flexible replacement surround trims to fit the following cars, (please select your car when ordering) 

  • Citroen Dyane: ALL (metal or plastic bezels)
  • Citroen Mehari: ALL (metal or plastic bezels*)
  • Citroen Acadiane: ALL
  • Citroen Ami: ALL
  • Panhard PL17: Earlier models

Citroen's and Panhard's original grey plastic trims would shrink, harden and crack, which means that they are now missing from most cars. 

Our replacements look identical to the originals when fitted but are made from a modern flexible material that will stay flexible and will not shrink, harden or crack.

Nobody else sells this part!

The original Citroen part number for this part on the Dyane and Mehari was AY 541-17.

For the Ami 6, the original part was supplied by Citroen in slightly different sizes depending on the exact model and year of the car. There were therefore 4 different Citroen part numbers: AM 541-17, AM 541-17a, AM 541-17b & AM 541-17c. For Ami 6 we therfore supply a trim that is slightly longer than you need, which can easily be cut down to suit.

*On a Mehari with plastic bezels, due to the thickness of the ABS plastic wing, sometimes it may be necessary to file off approximately 1mm from the back of the plastic bezel, to allow the retaining clips to locate fully, in order that they hold the bezel on securely.

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