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The original 2CV repeater lamp is no longer available. Instead, many suppliers are selling a C15/CX lamp which although looks similar externally (but without the stainless ring) does not actually fit!: You have to precisely cut a larger shaped hole in your 2CV wing. If you cut it slightly too big, the lamp is loose and can fall out! If you cut it slightly too small (or even the right size!) the lamp's plastic clip is so hard and brittle that it can easily break off and the lamp falls out!

We now have an alternative:

Our repeater lamp fits in the original holes in the 2CV wing. It has a stainless ring, like the original. It is similar in size and from a distance it looks quite similar but it has a shape that, in our opinion, suits the curved lines of a 2CV better than the original.

The bulb is accessable from the back by simply pulling out the bulb-holder. It uses a capless bulb (supplied) which means that there is no need for an internal spring, so the common problem with the original repeater lamp's spring corroding will not be an issue with our lamp.


As with the C15/CX repeater, there are two connections: live and earth. These are different to the original, (see 3rd & 4th photos), so will require slight adaptations to the existing wiring. (See final paragraph below for simple instructions).

You will need to re-use the larger of the two rubbers from your original lamp, as this has a slightly curved surface to match the shape of the 2CV wing.

The price is for one lamp unit, (& includes a bulb), so if you need a pair please order two.

The 2nd photo is to show a comparison between the original 2CV lamp on the right and our alternative on the left.

It is simple to adapt the wiring: 
There are two connectors on the back of the unit. It doesn't matter which is used for positive and which for negative.
The existing positive feed wire on the vehicle needs to be connected to one of the terminals. (The wire will probably need extending, as it is usually only just long enough to reach the original type of repeater light, which has a short wire built in).
The other terminal needs an earth wire attached. The other end of that wire needs to be attached somewhere that provides a good clean earth, (such as under the head of one of the 3 screws that attach each of the triangular panels between the 2cv wing and bonnet).
For reliability, good quality wiring connectors should be used, with heat-shrink insulation, and any loose wiring should be secured.
(As with any vehicle repairs or maintenance, this work should only be carried out by a competent person).

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