2CV Front Indicator, with Stainless Bracket


Indicator with stainless mounting 'spider' bracket.

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Front indicator lamp unit for Citroen 2CV.

Our indicator unit has some major improvements over the original Citroen part:

The original flawed design relied on the negative connection to be made via one of the two mounting studs/nuts, (which corrode), through the mild-steel mounting bracket, (which corrodes), and then to the wing where the connection had to be made to bare metal! All this where it is vunerable to road dirt and spray. The result is firstly that an additional earthing wire connection is often connected from one of the mounting nuts to somewhere else on the body, but then when the corrosion at the back of the unit increases, and any attempt to remove the corroded parts results in the fixings breaking and the bracket disintegrating. Plus of course water has got into the back of the light unit and corroded the connections! 

With our indicator, you don't have those problems.

Instead of a poorly plated mild-steel mounting bracket, we supply our indicators with our own specially made stainless steel bracket.

Instead of having studs and nuts, (which corrode and snap off), our light unit has separate screws (which are accessible by removing the lens) and spire-clips that simply slide onto our stainless steel mounting bracket.

To reduce problems of water entry and corrosion, our light has a protective cover over the whole of the rear of the unit. 

To reduce the likelihood of electrical faults due to poor earthing to the body, our unit has 2 wires, (positive & negative), which come from inside the protective cover and are long enough to reach through the inner wing to the top of the engine bay, where the earth lead can be connected to the M5 fixing at the front of the triangular panel above the wing.

Please select right or left (sitting in car). We can also supply with clear lens and orange bulb: please select you preference.

Please note that our indicator unit does not come with the circular plastic part that fits into the wing but this is almost always re-usable.

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