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***ALL SOLD***

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Headrest for 2cv, etc. 

Very rare accessory, sold in Germany & some Scandinavian countries during the 1980s. A headrest with this fabric is incredibly rare.

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Blue:   Cover in poor condition (see photos): needs re-covering. Slight damage to internal foam at top: (approx 18mm long x 8mm wide x 6mm deep), which would not be seen once re-covered.

Green:   Cover dirty/stained, faded and with some damage to one end, so needs re-covering.

Brown/Orange/Black pattern:    A rare German-market fabric, in generally good condition but a bit dirty and with a tear on the underside, from the hole around one of the posts.

Green/Yellow/Blue pattern:    This is actually a new old stock headrest with a very rare German-market fabric. however, despite being in it's original sealed bag, it has suffered water-damage. The metal parts were very rusty (see note below about metal mounting posts) and the fabric has some staining and small tears (11-12mm) on the underside from the holes around the posts.

Metal Mounting Posts (& rubber covers): We only have three mounting post assemblies & rubber covers for these four headrests, one of which is very rusty. Therefore the first two headrests to be sold will be supplied with the best mounting post assemblies and covers. The remaining two will then be withdrawn from sale. 

Fixings: These headrests do not come with their original fixings, (a pair of M6 8.8-rated screws & a pair of plain nuts with small brackets). The last photo shows this type of fixings for illustrative purposes only: they are not supplied.  However, for each headrest, we will provide a pair of higher tensile strength (12.9-rated) socket cap-head screws, a pair of curved washers, a pair of flat washers and a pair of nylock nuts (as shown in the penultimate photo). These will be supplied free of charge with each head-rest and customers can choose to use these or to source their own fixings, based on their own assessments of suitability. (We have used these fixings on our own 2cv). 

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