Citroen AK350 RARE Clutch Cable (Oct67-May68 only)


NOS (New Old Stock)

Cable unique to this era of this model, (& "602" conversions to early cars, retaining the chassis-mounted pedal-box).

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This type of cable is EXTREMELY RARE. They were only fitted for about 8 months of production, to one particular model. Nobody has made them for decades and most 2CV parts suppliers don't even know that they exist! 

We have managed to find, amongst some old stock, a few new cables. We have kept a spare for our own 1967 AK350 and offer the rest here. 


Citroen part number: AK314-2a

New (old stock) cable for AK350 (Oct67>May68 only)

From October 1967, the AK350 had the later type gearbox (as fitted to 70s/80s 2cv, Dyane, Ami, etc). Because this model still had the chassis-mounted pedal-box, (until May 1968), this short era of AK350 needed a clutch cable that was different to every other A-series:

The ends are similar to the cable fitted to all the earlier A-series, (with the early gearbox, with the clutch fork mounted at the top), but it is almost 3 times as long, so that it can reach around to the clutch fork on the underside of the later gearbox. It also has a heat-resistant sleeve, wrapped around the cable, to protect it from the exhaust silencer under the gearbox.


If you are considering fitting a later type 602 engine and gearbox to an early car, please read this:

Some people have cut the lower bulkhead out of a 50s/60s 2CV and welded in a later type, because they think that later pedals are necessary in order to fit the later 602cc engine and gearbox into a 425cc car. This is not the case. With this cable, you can retain the original pedal box when fitting the later gearbox. Citroen did this in October 1967. If you also want the later engine, you just need to make a couple of relatively simple modifications to the exhaust, so that it exits on the right-hand side of the car (as did earlier AK350, Dyane D6 & 2cv Azam6).

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