Copper sump/level plug washers (x5)



5 x copper washers to fit sump-plug and gearbox plugs on most classic Citroën/Peugeot/Renaults & some others.

Also perfect for early 2CV brake resevoir (onto master cylinder on chassis-mounted pedal-box).

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5 copper washers:

  • Internal diameter: 16mm
  • External diameter: 22mm
  • Thickness: 1.5mm

These are not the round-section crushable washers as currently supplied by Citroen/Peugeot/Renault dealers for the more modern vehicles,

They are the flat type as originally used during the 60s, 70s and 80s, on engine oil sump drain-plugs (and some gearbox drain and level plugs), on cars such as:

  • 2CV/Dyane/Ami/etc,
  • GS/GSA,
  • ID, DS (The true DS, from the last century! Not the PSA brand with a similar name built this century),
  • HY, (H-van)
  • BX:  1580cc, 1769cc, 1905cc, (For 1360cc, see notes about TU engines below),
  • Visa:  652cc, 954cc XV, 1124cc XW, 1219cc XZ, 1360cc XY, 1580cc, 1769cc,
  • LN/LNA/104/Samba:  652cc, 954cc XV, 1124cc XW, 1219cc XZ, 1360cc XY,
  • 205:  954cc XV, 1124cc XW, 1219cc XZ, 1360cc XY1580cc, 1769cc, 1905cc, (For TU engines, see notes below),
  • 304,
  • 305,
  • 309:  1580cc, 1769cc, 1905cc, (For 1124cc and 1360cc TU engines,see notes below),
  • 405(series1):  all  (For 1360cc TU engines, see notes below),
  • 504,
  • 505,
  • R4,
  • R5,
  • R6,
  • R9,
  • R11,
  • R12: some*,
  • R14,
  • R16: some*,
  • R18: some*,
  • R20,
  • R25,
  • R30,
  • Estafette,
  • some others*    (*These washers should only be used on vehicles for which they are the correct application!)



TU engines:  We have been informed that these are also a suitable replacement for the combined metal/rubber washers used on TU (954/1124/1360) engines fitted to most small Peugeots & Citroens from November 1987 onwards.  However, until this has been verified, we do not recommend that these washers are used on any TU engines.

Later Citroen/Peugeot engines: These washers are not suitable for models later than those shown above, (most of which use a smaller washer).

Copper sealing washers are designed to be used only once!!!:  When first used, the soft copper adjusts to seal against surface imperfections. The copper then becomes 'work-hardened' with forces that produce expansion, contraction, compression, etc.   If the hardened washer is then re-used, it may not seal.  The round-section crushable type should never be re-used. Although it is possible to to re-soften the flat solid type that we sell, by annealing, we recommend that a new washer is used each time, (as a major oil leak could be disastrous!).

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