Mirror Refurbishment

RECYCLE! Don't throw away your old mirror just because it looks shabby, or because it's loose and floppy!

SAVE MONEY! With MirrorCool Products you can refurbish your old mirror for MUCH less than the price of a new mirror.

The original CIPA & GECO mirrors that were fitted to French Classics were of good quality and have lasted well, but over the years they have deteriorated. With MirrorCool Surround Trims, Mirror Glasses, Swivel-Kits and Mirror Arms, you can renovate your mirrors, so they can be as good as new again.

The more expensive short-term alternative is to discard your perfectly good restorable mirror and buy a poor quality replacement, which will rust and look terrible in a very short time! The quality of the originals was far better than the cheaply made copies that some specialists are selling now. (If you still want to throw out your original mirrors, give them to us and let us recycle them!)

Mirror Surround Trim Kits

Convex Mirror Glasses

Mirror-Head Swivel Kits

Stainless Mirror Arms

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