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The Deux Chevaux Club of Great Britain - affectionately known to all as '2CVGB' - is for owners and enthusiasts of the Citroën A-Series models: the 2CV, Dyane, Ami, Méhari, Bijou, Fourgonnette and Acadiane, as well as some of the 2CV's 'friends and relations' such as the Citroën H Van, Citroën LNA and kit-cars based on the 2CV chassis and running gear.
For more information please visit the 2CVGB club website

SPOG (2CVGB Spare Parts Organisation Group)
SPOG is part of 2CVGB and was created in 1994 to ensure that parts necessary to keep A-series Citroens (2CV/Dyane/Ami/etc) on the road are remanufactured where there is no commercial organisation prepared to supply that need. SPOG is not in competition with any commercial organisation (quite the opposite, in fact!) and works internationally, not only with existing parts suppliers, but with other similar organisations such as ESPOG.

The underlying principal of SPOG is that any 2CVGB member may invest in the scheme by purchasing discount units from the Organisation and that these units entitle the member to a discount on parts produced by the scheme. Currently a SPOG unit costs £12 and up to 10 units can be held by a member: the maximum holding entitles the member to purchase SPOG partsat the notional cost of production. All monies invested in the scheme are then available to fund suitable projects. The scheme is administered by a dedicated SPOG sub-committee which is responsible in turn to the 2CVGB Committee.

For more information about SPOG please visit the SPOG page on the 2CVGB website.

Matt's Soft Tops (
Matt's Soft Tops is well known in the classic Citroen world for making the best available replacement roofs for 2CVs and Dyanes, but have you seen all the other top quality products available? Why not have a look at the Matt's Soft Tops website.