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Citroën Brake Shoe Adjuster Kit

Fitting Instructions

In order to fit this brake adjuster kit, it is necessary to remove, dismantle and reassemble various brake components. We therefore highly recommend that this work is carried out by a fully experienced and competent mechanic. The following instructions must be followed explicitly and should be read and understood fully before starting work. We can not be held responsible for any loss or damage resulting from incorrect assembly.

Components in MirrorCool brake adjuster kit:

  1. Bolt
  2. Serrated washer
  3. Snail-cam
  4. Stepped spacer
  5. Adjuster-pin
  6. Flat spacer
  7. Spring

This adjuster kit can be used for the REAR of:

  • A-series (2CV, Dyane, Ami, etc)...........(Diagram A)
  • ID/DS...............................................(Diagram A)

or for the FRONT of:

  • A-series with smaller (200mm) drums.....(Diagram B)
  • A-series with larger (220mm) drums .......(Diagram C)

If all adjusters are being replaced, 2 kits are required for each brake drum.

The kit must be assembled according to the correct diagram for your vehicle: Components 6 and 7 are fitted in different positions in relation to the brake back-plate, depending on the application.

Remove the brake shoes and the old adjuster as described in the workshop manual. (If the adjusters are being replaced on the front brakes, it will be necessary to loosen and move the back-plate away from the gearbox to give sufficient clearance to remove the old adjuster pin and fit the new one). The diameter of the new adjuster pin is larger than the original, so either file or drill out the hole in the back-plate to 11mm. Fit the components of the kit in the order shown in the appropriate diagram, lubricating with a light smear of suitable high melting-point grease. Ensure that the snail-cam (3) is fitted the correct way round, so that the direction of adjustment is correct, (see diagram D). The bolt (1) is coated with a thread-lock compound. Although this should be sufficient to prevent the assembly from loosening, we have also provided a serrated washer (2), which has the same purpose. Ensure that the hole in the snail-cam is aligned with the splines of the adjuster-pin during tightening, and whilst securely holding the adjuster-pin (5), tighten the bolt (1) to a maximum of 10ft/lbs. Although this bolt has a high-tensile strength, if this instruction is not followed correctly, the bolt could be weakened and could fail. Ensure that the kit turns freely and that there is clearance between the bolt (3) and the brake shoe. If not, (as may be the case with replacement front brake shoes from some manufacturers), it is admissible to remove the serrated washer (2), as long as there is still sufficient thread-lock compound on the threads.

Re-assemble and adjust as described in the workshop manual.


Due to it's design, the MirrorCool adjuster is much less likely to become seized than the original type of adjuster. If it does, it can be lubricated in situ, or if necessary can be completely dismantled, lubricated and re-assembled, using a suitable thread-lock compound on the thread, (eg: 'Loctite', 'Pro-lock', etc):

Dismantling/re-assembling: If the bolt or any other component has become weakened or damaged, it must not be re-used. Also the snail-cam can only be re-used in the same orientation and must not be transposed.

If you are unsure about any aspect of these fitting instructions, do not attempt this job. 

We will not accept any responsibility for any loss or damage resulting from improper or illegal use of any item that we supply.

All parts are supplied on the understanding that the purchaser has the necessary skills to fit them correctly and safely or will arrange for them to be fitting by a suitably skilled person.

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