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The MirrorCool surround trim was originally developed for A-Series Citroëns to overcome the problems that almost all of them suffer from: The plastic trim fitted by the mirror manufacturer bio-degrades as a result of UV light from the sun. This results in it shrinking, splitting, cracking and crumbling way. Having developed a replacement for these cars, we then started looking around for other vehicles with the same problem.

We discovered that many of the most common mirrors fitted to European cars during the '60s and '70s are similarly affected and new replacement mirrors for these cars are poorly made and often have plastic surrounds that fit badly and allow the glass to vibrate. As a result we have developed replacement trims in silicone for many different types of mirror. Many French cars are now catered for, but if you can not find what you need on our website, please let us know.

MirrorCool surround trims are produced in England using a silicone material which not only closely matches the colour and finish of the original, but also has the following advantages:

  • Unlike the original, this material is not affected by sunlight and so will not become brittle, crack or shrink in a few years.
  • It is re-useable: This surround trim is flexible and robust enough to be re-used numerous times, so at a later date you can replace the glass, the internal swivel fixings* or even the arm* (*MirrorCool swivel fixing kits and mirror arms available for some models).
  • Unlike the original, MirrorCool is readily available.
  • It is not expensive! You don't need to splash out on a new mirror (often of inferior quality). Your original mirror can easily be refurbished at a fraction of the price.


Has the grey plastic surround cracked and shrunk?

Is it starting to crumble away?

Is the glass loose?

Is it about to fall out?

Do you just need to replace the glass? (We have new mirror glasses available for many models).

Is the mirror head loose: Do you need to replace the internal swivel parts? (We have kits available for some mirrors).

Do you want to fit a longer arm? (We have various arms for 2CV, Dyane, AK, Acadiane, etc).


Until now your choices were limited:

You could spend a lot of money on a new pair of original mirrors, (if you can find them!)

You could buy a pair of cheap copies, and then wish you hadn’t soon afterwards when the cheap chrome coating peels off revealing the rusted metal beneath!

You could leave it until the glass falls out!


You can just replace the surround trim with a superior quality silicone replacement that will not shrink or crack and is re-usable. Because of this, you will be able to change the glass or other parts. For some types of mirrors, our kit includes a new mirror glass. For others we can usually supply a new glass separately, and for some we can even supply new mirror arms, or a kit to replace the old corroded/broken internal swivel parts.


For some Cipa mirrors, our MirrorCool kit includes a new mirror glass. This is the reason:

The housing of most Geco mirrors and some other Cipa mirrors have an edge that curves in towards the glass. The surround trim sits between this edge and the glass. Even though our MirrorCool replacement trim is much more flexible than the original plastic, the glass is still held securely in place because of the curved edge.

However, the edge of some Cipa mirrors, (particularly the 320, 355 a& 358 and to a lesser extent the 54 & 195), have much less of a curve and instead had a plastic surround trim which had a much thinner profile between the housing and glass, but wider behind. We found that if we used a replacement trim with the same profile as the original, it would not hold the glass securely due to its flexibility.

The only way to ensure that the glass was secure, was to use a surround trim with a wider profile than the original. In order to do this, we had to produce a fractionally smaller glass. The difference is very small and is not visible when assembled.

Therefore, for mirrors with a sufficient curve we supply a surround kit, but for mirrors without a sufficient curve we supply a surround & glass kit.

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