Mirror-Head Swivel Kits

Following on from the incredible success of our MirrorCool Surround kit, which has miraculously transformed the appearance of thousands of mirrors, we have now produced a solution for the next most common problem on 2CV mirrors: the failure of the internal parts which attach the mirror-head to the arm.

The Problem

Over the years, water gets inside the back of the mirror and the mild-steel parts corrode. The corrosion then causes the metal to expand which puts pressure on the plastic half-ball that the mirror-head swivels on. As a result, either the metal parts weaken and break (and your mirror-head falls off!) or the half-ball breaks (and your mirror-head falls off!).

Before MirrorCool Surround Trim kits were invented, it was not possible to re-assemble a mirror that had broken in this way because, even if it had been possible to get replacement internal parts, you could not remove and refit the glass to fit them. But now you can!

The MirrorCool Solution

We looked into remanufacturing the three unique original parts that made up the swivel assembly, but this would have made the replacement kits far too expensive. So instead we have devised an alternative system which uses better quality parts than the original. With all MirrorCool products, our main objective is to make replacement parts better and more durable than the originals.

Our MirrorCool Swivel Kit consists of 'inox' stainless steel fixings, a galvanised curved swivel plate which is rubber coated to seal against water ingress, a further plastic seal, a sachet of grease, and finally a set of six precision made conical springs, which give the perfect balance in flexibility and pressure, so that the mirror-head position can be easily moved for adjustment but will remain securely in place in normal driving conditions. All this for just £5.00.

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