Stainless-Steel (Inox) Replacement Mirror Arms

For 2CV / Dyane / AK / Acadiane / etc

After supplying replacement mirror surrounds, glasses and then an internal swivel-parts kit, our next logical step was new arms!

Long / Short / Left / Right / Straight: all available, enabling you can adapt your existing mirrors so they can be the side and length that you need, whether you want to maintain the original look or need longer arms for when towing.

Stainless Steel Quality: Even better than the original!

People often think that the original arms were stainless steel because they lasted so well, but they were mild steel with a good quality chrome-plating. However, the longer arms used on the van models where not chrome-plated and so did not last very long before looking very unsightly. Unfortunately modern chroming methods never seem to produce the same quality, (as can be seen with the cheap 'copy' CIPA mirrors that can be bought from some suppliers). For this reason, we decided it was worth the extra cost of having all our MirrorCool arms made with high-quality 9mm stainless steel, so that (in the MirrorCool tradition of long-lasting quality), our mirror arms will still look good in many years to come.

Appearance: Just like the original

As with many things on our beloved French cars, the original arms were made from a non-standard size bar! However, after much searching, we have been able to track down the correct diameter 9mm stainless bar. (The cheap copy mirrors, that we referred to above, use arms that appear to be made from an 'off the shelf' industry-standard mild-steel bar of a larger diameter).

Adjustment Angle: Better than the original

Many 2CV owners have found that an original mirror fitted to the passenger side of their car (if it has one) does not give sufficient adjustment, unless the whole arm is moved in towards the window, (which means that the flip-up window can not be opened/closed without hitting the mirror). There is a simple reason for this: sometimes the bend on the original arms was not in the right place! We have ensured that our arms have the angle in the correct place and in addition to this we had added just a few degrees to the angle to increase adjustment range. Now, you can position the angle (and the rotation) of your mirrors to wherever it suits you.

5 Choices, To suit your needs

As well as the standard short left and right arms as fitting to 2CV and Dyane cars, we have also reproduced the longer arms (left, right and straight) for the vans. If you tow a wide trailer or a caravan, these longer van arms could be a useful alternative.

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