Easy-Fit Brake Adjuster Kits for DS, 2CV, etc

The original 2cv/dyane/ami/ds adjuster will often seize, meaning that the brakes can not be adjusted, which will lead to excessive brake pedal travel. If new shoes are to be fitted, it may be impossible to obtain sufficient clearance to refit the brake drum if the adjusters can not be freed (which is often extremely difficult). Until now the alternative has been to try to fit replacement original parts (if you can get them) which involves peening over the pin while maintaining pressure on the domed washers: not easy!

Now we have a much easier alternative

Due to it's design, the mirrorcool brake-adjuster is much easier to fit than the original type of adjuster and it is much less likely to become seized than the original. It can be lubricated in place, but if if you ever feel the need to remove it, this can easily be done without destroying it, (unlike the original), so it can then be re-fitted and re-used.

Our Easy-Fit adjuster kits can be used for the following:

REAR: Citroen A-series (2CV, Dyane, Ami, etc) and also on Citroen DS & ID

FRONT: A-series with smaller (200mm) drums and A-series with larger (220mm) drums

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