Citroën 2cv Van For Sale

£9,950 ono Sudbury, Suffolk ref # C4S-22144

Due to a medical condition I am having to sell all my cars and projects. This lovely van is the last and very recent acquisition. When I bought it it was described as follows:

“Beautiful ripple van finished in grey.
Great care has gone into the restoration of the chassis drivetrain and engine of this vehicle over the last few years.
She drives beautifully and starts on the button every time.
The seats have been re trimmed in the correct material and everything works including the wipers running off the speedo cable.
Keeping the patina was quite a challenge however I think the end result is really special!”

That’s the good points, but I have noticed a couple of things that will need to be done to make it more perfect:

There is a leak on the exhaust which needs attention, the system looks new, so can only be a leak on a joint.*

Whilst looking for the leak I noticed that the bottom 100mm or so of the lower bulkhead has been neatly cut off and replaced with an aluminium plate. I assume the previous owners intention was to replace this. The correct replacement panel is available from The 2CV Shop (and other places) for only £122 and should be straight forward to fit. Vans like this go for £14k to 15k so there is ample in the price to cover this. I would have done it myself if fully fit.

More photos and videos available on request.

*Edit: The exhaust leak appears to be a manifold repair. I would say a new manifold is probably required. Looking around they cost about £200 so can reduce the asking price to cover this.

Contact the owner

You can contact the owner by telephone on 07789 308672