1993 Citroën BX TZD Estate For Sale

£2,000 Dawlish, Devon ref # C4S-26956
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For sale! I bought this lovely 1993 BX estate TZD (1769cc with the Lucas pump) in November as a replacement for my C15, having owned three BXs in the past but never a diesel estate. It had been off the road for a few years but the chap I bought it from had done some basic recommissioning (cambelt, all tyres, oil change, diesel pump overhaul) and put an MOT on it. It has done 186k.

I have continued to improve it with the following work;

  • Fresh LHM (tank removed and filters cleaned)
  • New diesel filter housing, filter and all rubber fuel lines
  • Glow plugs and leak off pipe
  • Engine oil and filter, air filter
  • New thermostat
  • Coolant system flush and new coolant
  • New speakers and stereo
  • New wipers
  • All brakes stripped and cleaned, new front pads
  • Windscreen scuttle area cleaned
  • New diesel pump stop solenoid
  • New dash bulbs
  • Reconditioned fuel injectors
  • Intercooler removed and cleaned
  • 5 brand new spheres awaiting fitting

The body panels are very straight and free from rust. As are the door hinges and inner door shuts. The underside has clearly been treated with underseal/wax oil at some stage which has kept the underside free from rot. There is lacquer peel to most panels but the worst areas are the bonnet, drivers wing and door. The interior is very clean indeed, no damage, rips, tears to the seats or carpets. The glove box lid has been replaced with a grey one. It looks to have its original dealer plates and sticker on the rear window from a dealer in the Wirral, although the registration code is for Reading, Berkshire.

I’ve come to realise that I just can’t get rid of my lovely C15. It’s such a good example and took ages to find. I have toyed with the idea of keeping both but I can’t really justify that either. I’m still a bit torn about selling but it feels like the sensible option. I paid £2k for it and have spent several hundred pounds on the above work but ideally I’d only like back what I paid. There’s still improvements to be made but it’s a solid original car with lots of service history.

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