1985 Citroën 2cv6 Dolly *SOLD WITHIN 2 WEEKS* Sold

Sold £3,500 10 miles east of Glasgow ref # C4S-24494

1985 2CV6, 106k recorded miles, MOT end November. Runs great, I’ve been using it most days since its MOT. Its located 10 miles east of Glasgow, easy to get to by train or plane.

Drive it home !

Come for a look, its an easy spring project or just use as is !

Don’t expect a pristine 2CV, its 38 years old, it has a “well used” appearance when viewed close up !

I found it locally on FB last year. It had been off the road for a while and needed a fair amount of recommissioning before an MOT. It already had lots of work sometime in the past. Its had a new galvanised chassis, new floors, cills, vent/hinge panel, rear quarter, and a rear wing.

I added a battery reinforcement/support, another common issue on RHD 2CV’s

When I first saw it, alternator was hanging off, exhaust blowing, heat exchangers rattling, rear shocks leaking ,dodgy brakes, some welding needed, noisy starter and electrics all over the place !

All of the above was addressed for the MOT. Rear shocks were replaced, electrical issues traced and rectified and a better pair of heat exchangers and starter motor sourced.

Brakes, although good enough for MOT, were “pulsing” worryingly……I ended up replacing disks, pads, handbrake pads and rebuilding a stuck caliper. Works great now, pulls up level and straight and handbrake is awesome 🙂

Exhaust was rebuilt with new bits, proper Burton clamps and replacement SH heat exchangers fitted.

I was told the alternator and battery were replaced just before I got it (both look new!) and it has a solid state regulator. I also added a new accelerator return spring 🙂

I replaced spark plugs and leads and, as I went to replace points, was surprised to find a genuine 123 electronic ignition fitted.

Pics make it look better than it is ! A few dings, dents primarily on doors/rear panel. Rear doors have corrosion under the windows on the inside, Could be easily repaired or, I have a better pair of doors, (yellow) that are included and can be used ! Bonnet has a few dings…..

Original Ignition switch failed a few months ago, (common issue). I opted to install a separate Ign switch, (see pics).

Interior is a wee bit neglected, could do with some new seatcovers. It does have intact rubber floormats which I understand is quite unusual in RHD !

Its 38 years old so will be free of road tax and MOT in a couple of years. Generally, the wee car runs great. It starts first time, every time and warms up quickly. It stops straight on its new front brake system and will cruise happily at 60 mph all day long.

I’ve been using it most days for short runs and a couple of longer runs to the seaside, it drives just as you would expect a 2CV to drive and much smoother than my van ! I would happily drive it anywhere. Its a nice little, cosmetic, spring project for someone, or just use it as it is !!

I have lots of pics, just ask !