1984 Renault 4 GTL Sold

Sold £9,995 Lincoln ref # C4S-22089

This Renault 4 has been lovingly rebuilt to a very high standard with excellent attention to detail. The Renault will provide an excellent everyday classic car or show car, being a very practical load carrier which is very economical and fun to drive.

​The Renault is a right hand drive 1984 GTL 1108cc model. It comes with the English V5C registration document, a full 12 months MOT (with no advisories) and it will soon be MOT and car tax free.

The Renault 4 was introduced in 1961 using the layout of a water cooled engine with torsion bar suspension, it makes the car easy to maintain, cheap to run and very practical with spares available.

Many hours have been spent rebuilding the Renault sympathetically to a very high standard. I have rebuilt many classic cars and sold them privately, the previous cars have gone to very satisfied classic cars lovers. I’ve enjoyed, and taken pride in rebuilding the Renault and it will give me further enjoyment to see it used, loved and cared for. I am sure this Renault will provide joy to the new owner, just like my own classic cars have done over the past 35 years.

—Structure and Chassis—

The shell has been welded in places. All welding has been dressed and sealed.

The underside has had underseal applied leaving a strong and protected structure.

The chassis has had tidy repairs with welding dressed and sealed. It has been thoroughly undersealed.


The panels have been stripped, treated, etched primed, 2 pack primed and four coats of 2 pack paint applied. The finish is excellent, very high gloss, durable and smooth. It is presented in the original colour of Jaune Tournesol (sunflower yellow).

​The windscreen has been replaced as has the rear heated window. Both are in excellent condition.

​The headlights, the rear lenses and front lenses are new.

​Additional genuine Renault diamond side indicators have been added to the front wings, these are only found on the later models.

​There is a period automatic reverse light and twin LED fog lights.

An extra LED middle brake light has been fitted.

New door mirrors have been fitted.

​New door seals are fitted to each door.

​There are new pedal rubbers with the Renault emblem embossed on.

​The number plates are new and made from durable pressed aluminium.

​A locking petrol cap is fitted.

There will be a full tank of petrol when collected.


—Engine and Clutch—

Being the GTL it has the larger 1108cc four cylinder engine installed.

A humming noise is apparent when the car comes up to speed. Due to personal circumstances this has not been investigated.

It has new Valeo points and condenser, distributor cap and rotor, new HT leads, along with a new Valeo coil and new battery.

A new timing chain has been fitted with the timing and tappet gaps set.

​A new head gasket and tappet cover seal is fitted.

The engine has been thoroughly cleaned, with the cylinders, pistons and piston rings all checked.

​The engine mounts are new.

The valves have been cleaned and checked.

A new oil pressure switch has been fitted.

​The sump gasket has been replaced.

It has been fully serviced with new oil, oil filter, spark plugs, and air filter.

​Both the alternator and starter motor have been replaced.

New belts have been fitted.

A new Valeo clutch, back-plate and bearing are fitted. There is a noise which is apparent when changing gear. This is thought to be due to the clutch disc bedding in.

​New oil has been added to the gearbox.

​There are new gearbox linkage bushes fitted.

—Brakes and Suspension—

The brakes have been fully serviced with new rear cylinders and rear shoes.

​New front brake discs, brake pads and hoses are fitted.

New brake oil has been added.

The suspension has been overhauled.

New front upper and lower ball joints have been fitted.

There are new rear outer suspension mounts, work around the chassis for the inner mounts has been fully sealed and protected.

​New anti-roll bar bushes are fitted.

​There are new steering gaiters fitted and the front wheel tracking has been set.

—Cooling and Heating—

A new radiator has been fitted.

​Fresh coolant has been added.

​The heater matrix has been exchanged for one in excellent condition.

​All pipe work and clips have been checked and replaced where necessary.


The fuel piping has been replaced with quality unleaded petrol pipe, with a new fuel filter added.

The wiper spindle has been replaced and is in excellent condition. There are new wiper blades fitted.

New exhaust hangers have been fitted.

All additional wiring is tidy.

​All other mechanical parts have been cleaned, painted and checked, and replaced if needed.

There are two sets of keys, a vintage keyring, an original user manual in English and a workshop manual, together with the V5C registration document and MOT document.

There is some historical documentation included.

The tyres are in excellent condition, with new ones installed to the front, and are fitted to reconditioned wheels.

The original jack, wheel brace/starter and are neatly stored under the bonnet.

All screws, nuts and bolts have been cleaned and waxoyled on re-assembly.


The seats have been reupholstered in high quality vintage material and leather-style material.

​The seat foam has been freshly laundered.

​Headrests have been installed to the front seats and are covered in matching material.

​The door cards have had new backing and have the matching material of the seats.

A 1970s vintage clean-lined dashboard has been fitted to provide a more traditional feel.

​The speedometer and switches have been replaced to match the dashboard.

​An additional water temperature gauge has been added.

​There is a Renault 4 model on the dashboard.

New carpet is fitted in the front, back and rear luggage space of the car. The original rubber matting is included underneath the carpet.

There is a set of new mats.

​The rear seat can be folded to allow for a very large carrying capacity.

There is a switchable flashing red light to serve as a visual anti-theft deterrent.

​A digital voltmeter has been installed.

A 12v socket and USB port is added for use with a Sat-Nav or phone charging.


I have grown up with classic cars and owned them throughout my driving life. I’m a classic car enthusiast and have been in the clubs for many years. I have rebuilt many classic cars in the past and won awards for them. I’m passionate about classics and get excited when I see one on the road, this is part of my motivation to restore these cars – to keep them on the road, and for people to enjoy driving and seeing them.

—General Information—

For additional photographs please visit the dedicated website:


Parts are easily available in Europe via the internet. There is a strong following of the Renault 4 with help easily available via the internet.

The insurance is very low using classic car insurance. The running costs are low with a high return of miles per gallon of super unleaded petrol from its reliable four cylinder engine.

The value of Renault 4s are continuing to rise, so this will provide a sound investment.

The Renault is located near Lincoln, please feel free to arrange a viewing and test drive before purchasing the car.

​I may be able to help with collection of the Renault, with either recommending a local car transportation company or by collecting you from the Lincoln train station.

I will be willing to accept £200 deposit to secure the Renault for you, and I will withdraw it from sale. This may be deposited via bank transfer. I will be willing to accept a bank transfer for the balance.

Please email me at [email protected] if you have any questions.

​I will be happy to talk to you and answer any questions.

The asking price is £9,995.

Thank you for looking, Jonathan.