1973 Citroën Ami Super For Sale

£6,000 London ref # C4S-23948

A highly original car, my wonderful Ami Super is what you could best describe as a reformed “”barn find””.

What is an Ami Super? While most Citroen Amis are powered by the 2cv-familiar 602cc twin cylinder engine, the rare “”Super”” variant borrows its powertrain from the Citroen GS. It’s a 1015cc air cooled four cylinder, mated to a 4 speed with synchromesh in all gears and a traditional floor mounted shift lever. The chassis also features stiffer springs and anti roll bars for improved handling. In theory, it should reach a top speed of 87mph, making it the fastest 2cv derived production car ever to leave the Citroen factory. It’s thought there are 10 left registered in the UK.

This car was originally sold in the Netherlands in 1973, in fact the dealer sticker remains on the bootlid to this day. It drove for 10 years accumulating approximately 90, 000km before going into storage where it spent a few decades gathering dust and occasionally being picked over by parts hunters. Around 5 years ago, the car was found and imported by the previous owner and the path to restoration began.

The condition of the body was remarkable. Though most Ami Supers decayed to nothing a long time ago, this one benefited well from decades indoors. The chassis remains completely original and rust free, while the body took on professional quality repairs to the floor, boot and lower bulkhead. As is, the metal doesn’t need any work.

The car exhibits a terrific patina. Most of the “”rouge de rio”” paint and chrome has never been retouched and it lends the Ami a character that cannot be replicated. To those who appreciate a car that wears its years well, this is a rare gem that looks the part while remaining structurally sound underneath.

Work carried out by the previous owner:

– Thorough engine recommissioning, including new seals/ gaskets where needed, new clutch, rebuilt carb, rebuilt ignition and new timing belts
– Full stainless exhaust front to rear
– Refurbished front brake callipers + pads
– Floor pan restoration
– New wheel bearings
– New brake lines throughout
– Second hand panels including a door and a rear wing were sourced and painted
– 4 New tyres

Work carried out by me:

– New inner CV boots
– New seats (including foam and springs where required) + door cards by Matt’s Soft Tops
– New carpet set
– New brake master cylinder
– New rear brake shoes + cylinders
– Starter motor refurbishment
– New “”slotted”” wheels fitted all around, correct to the Ami Super
– Rust repairs to the lower front facia and lower front wings

I’ve driven the car regularly in the year that I’ve owned it, making various improvements along the way. The car has made a dozen or so runs between London and Cornwall and I’ve relied on it for most of my transport needs. While it remains for sale I will continue to enjoy it so the mileage is only accurate to the time of writing.

The car will also come with a boot full of rare spare parts and a folder of receipts on work carried out since its arrival in the UK.

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