1970 Citroën Dyane 6 Confort For Sale

Offers around £8,500 Monmouth, South East Wales. ref # C4S-24948

1970 Citroen Dyane 6 Confort, in AC 317 Paille Brulée
XAX 193H

I am looking to sell my remarkably original, unrestored, 1970, LHD Dyane 6 Confort.
I am downsizing my collection of classic Citröens; Dyanes and Méharis, to make way for my next Mehari restoration project.

You will probably know that the Citroen Dyane is a derivative of the earlier 2CV. The Dyane model was introduced in 1967, as a prospective replacement for the 2CV. Whereas the last Dyane was built in 1983, the 2CV continued in production until 1990.

I bought this Dyane, XAX 193H, in Pau, in Southern France, in October 2012. It was transported to the UK inside an IVECO long wheelbase panel van.

When I bought it, I had spent a long time looking for the best preserved Dyane 6 that I could find, as a stable mate for my October 1969 435cc Dyane 4 Luxe, which I had imported from France in June that year. I never suspected that I would end up buying another in the same colour. I also never imagined that, when I registered the second Dyane, I would find myself owning two Dyanes the same colour, with their UK registration numbers being only two digits apart; XAX 191H and 193H. I will be selling ‘191’, once he’s been recommissioned.

I ran the two Dyanes alongside each other for a while, but I was always looking for a Mehari. One was offered to me, so I sold this Dyane 6, in February 2013.
Last year, ten years later, Dave, the new owner, knowing that I still had the Dyane 4, contacted me to ask if I wanted to buy it back. It turned out that Dave had laid up the car soon after buying it, as there had been an engine issue. He had diagnosed a partial seize, as the car had lost power when climbing, heavily loaded, up a long hill in hot weather. He’d never got round to doing the work, but had bought the new pistons and barrels, ‘Waxoyled’ the underside well and stored the Dyane under cover. Recently, although he’d also bought and fitted a new, canvas roof, from Matt Damper at Matt’s Soft Tops, he decided to sell.

I was finally reunited with XAX 193X in May last year.

Since then, I’ve been recommissioning the car. I’ve had the original engine and gearbox professionally rebuilt. I’ve been driving and enjoying it and my Partner, Kate, drove it, in convoy with me in ‘Avis’, my Mehari, from our home in South Wales to the 2cvGB club’s Registers Day event last year, in Worcestershire. It drives very well.

• The car has its original, body colour painted chassis. It’s never needed any repairs. It has its original, body colour painted engine undertray. It has the wonderful, early Dyane upside down metal door handles and the little inspection hatch over the fuel tank.
• It has the red button thumb push start.
• The rear bumper has been replaced with a better, second hand one.
• The bodyshell and panels of this car are unbelievably well preserved. It’s a car from the South of France, so it’s just not rusted. There are blemishes, of course; It’s 53 years old. There are a few ‘dings’ and some isolated surface spots, but this car is remarkably sound in the places where Dyanes rust. The windscreen panel is good, the doors are all good. The tailgate and the bonnet are good. The front and rear floors, boot floor and cills are also largely rust free.
• The paint has been refreshed in places, as there is some evidence on window rubbers, but it was certainly done when it was in France, so more than 10 years ago. There is evidence of rear panel repairs, but this was also French work and has lasted well.
• The chassis, body underside, suspension and running gear was undersealed with ‘Waxoyl’ by the previous owner. I have ‘Lanoguard’ sprayed the engine bay and covered any gaps underneath the car.
• The original, ‘double cardan’ driveshafts have been replaced with good, conventional driveshafts. The CV joints have been thoroughly cleaned, regreased and new gaiters have been fitted with ‘Ligarex’ ties. The Steering rack has been checked and is good, with good track rods. The track rod adjusters have been adjusted, there are very good track rod ends, which have new boots.
• The original, large drum braked gearbox has been rebuilt by Rick Pembro, with the drums professionally skimmed. New flexible brake pipes have been fitted.
• The brake master cylinder has been replaced with new, as have the front brake cylinders and shoes.
• The rear brakes have had new, flexible pipes, new slave cylinders and new shoes.
• One front and one rear wheel bearings were fitted as necessary. Kingpins are good.
• The heavy flywheel, 602cc engine has been professionally rebuilt, incorporating the new 9:1 Bretille pistons and barrels, new seals, a new Valeo clutch and 123 electronic ignition, a dry coil from Ecas and a good, organ pedal throttle, rod operated, Solex 34 PICS 10 carburettor. When the engine was built and run on the dyno, it became clear that the original, Solex 34 PCIS 10 (the car originally had a ‘trafficlutch’, but it had gone by the time I bought it in France) was badly leaking air. This may very well have been the reason why Dave, the previous owner, had run out of power under load. The replacement Solex 34 PICS 10 carburettor has been set up and jetted on the dyno with the manifold, engine shrouds and air filters fitted, for E5 petrol. It’s a powerful, smooth engine that has done very few miles. It’s not run in yet.
• The engine shrouds and heat exchangers have been cleaned and left ‘dans son jus’.
• New heater hoses are fitted.
• I have carried out an honest repair on the splits in the back of the original, two tone brown Targa drivers seat. I have replaced seat rubbers as necessary. Otherwise the seats are in very good, usable condition. The rear seat is a folding bench.
• In 2013, I had upper seat belt mountings carefully welded to the ‘B’ posts, at the correct height, so that I could fit three point, inertia seatbelts.
• There are four, new Citroen wheels, in the correct AC140 colour, with good, original enjoliveurs (hubcaps) and centre bolts. Each have a good, 135r15 Toyo 310 tyre fitted. There’s a decent tyre on a good spare wheel on the tubular wheel carrier under the bonnet.
• There is a rare, unripped organ pedal throttle front rubber floor mat in great condition. The rear mat is also good, but I’ve repaired two small splits.
• The rare, brown plastic ‘Confort’ door cards are sound, but are showing some UV fading.
• There is a rear load bay metal shelf, with it’s elastic straps.
• Both headlamps are new, with yellow bulbs. The headlight surrounds have been replaced with good, original chromed steel ones.
• Black and silver front and rear number plates are fitted.
• An electric washer pump is fitted for the screen washers, with a momentary switch fitted in a bespoke plate under the dashboard. The hazard lights switch is also in this location.
• A USB double charger is fitted to the side of the binnacle above the glove shelf.
• The rare, black, early Dyane-specific ‘T’ shaped Quillery steering wheel is present. It has only one crack. The indicator stalk is the ‘clacker’ type.
• For the right offer, I will leave the original, ‘egg’ shaped gear knob with the car.
• A secret immobilizer switch is fitted.
• A good quality high lift scissor jack in a bag will be included, with an extending wheel nut spanner.
• The car has Historic Vehicle tax status, so is zero rated for road tax. It’s also legally MOT exempt.
• I have the V5C in my name. It’s registered to my home address near Monmouth, South East Wales.
• I have paperwork and a photographic history and record of the restoration, which will come with the car.
• I have a photograph that was taken by the French owner in 2012. It shows 26339 kilometres. The current reading is 28250. That’s 1900 km in eleven years.

I am seeking offers in the region of £9,750 for this amazing survivor of an unrestored, early LHD Dyane 6, in a very rare, short lived colour. Inspection visits are recommended and welcome. I will happily take prospective purchasers on a proper test drive. If required, I can deliver to the buyer by driving locally, or by trailer within the UK, for an agreeable financial consideration.

Thank you for looking.

I expect to be Bringing this Dyane to the 2cvGB National meeting at Orleton Court Farm, in Worcestershire, WR6 6SU, on Saturday 10 June, if you want to look it over and have a test drive.

Paul Brice.
2cvGB Méhari Registrar.
[email protected]
07887 845810

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