1963 Slough-built Citroën ID19 For Sale

£9,450 Somerset ref # C4S-23117


Up for sale is my RHD 1963 Citroen ID19 built in Slough. This is a great opportunity to buy a rare car that is just oozing character. Carburetor fed 1911cc engine, Red paint and it’s white roof, Woodgrain Dash, big single spoke steering wheel (non power steering), 4 speed column shift, bench seats, pushbutton hydraulic brakes, lucas lights and fittings etc and the car runs a mix of brake fluid and Castor oil in the hydraulics with the single cylinder pump.

Nicknamed “”Oen””, this car needs a caring owner who is going to enjoy the car as-is or take it to the next level. Oen came to me in bits with tired bodywork (photos may not show all the little scratches etc) and I have thoroughly enjoyed working on this car. A LOT of effort has gone in over the last few years and given that it is an old car there will always be bits to do. An impending move overseas and lack of storage forces the sale. Car is now in secure dry storage with routine start and warm up and cycling of hydraulics. Viewing can be arranged (In Somerset)

This car spent its life in New Zealand and has benefited from a restoration some time in the mid-late 80s and it is in great condition. My plans were to use the car for a few years and then strip it down to get the inner body blasted/ welded/ painted – eg there is surface rust on the boot floor and I was planning on replacing it completely along with anything else needing attention when doing the work.

Engine has been rebuilt by a well regarded Citroen specialist in NZ, new exhaust, new 123 electronic distributor (with vacuum advance), new plugs and leads, rebuilt radiator (with new core), fuel tank degreased, etched and coated, voltage regulator converted to solid state electronics, NOS rear brake pivot joint on passenger side suspension arm (other side already converted to brake hose), new front calipers, brake pads, new clutch, newly rebuilt hydraulic pump, pressure accumulator and height correctors, flushed hydraulics. Starts at the slightest turn of the key and rise up promptly to the set height.

Car comes with a spare engine in bits (needs rebuild), couple of spare heads, crank shafts, exhaust manifolds, several spare dynamos plus an old alternator, spare distributors, fuel pump, spare carburettor, at least three steering racks, one of which is a power steering one, spare pulleys, spare rebuilt single cyl hydraulic pump, spare belt driven hydraulic pump, spare brake valve, fans, belts, brake pads, two spare bonnets (one on car has a kink), spare door (front passenger), spare rear quarter panel, set of 4 spare wheels, spare windscreen, wiper arms, LOTS of chrome, metal and plastic trim (for lights) etc – basically I will end up with an empty shed when these spares are gone. The earlier owner(s) seem to have hoarded parts for this car – not that I am complaining.

Some of these parts are in the photos at the link below along with more photos of the car. (If the link is not visible please get in touch and I’ll share).


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