• 2CV Window Catch, Best Quality, Secure

    Secured with Stainless Retaining Screw. Stainless Spring. (Inox).
    In Stock
  • Domed Star Clip, for 2CV boot stay

    2CV boot-lid support retaining-clip. (Domed version).
    In Stock
  • Key Blank for Citroen HY Ambulance /...

    Key for Door Handle Lock
    In Stock
  • 2cv Mirror Internal Screw & Sleeve-nut

    Special screw and nut for original Geco mirrors
    In Stock
  • 2CV Dyane Mirror Internal Swivel Half-Ball

    Plastic half-sphere piece. Also Mehari, Ami, etc
    In Stock
  • 2CV / Dyane Mirror Mounting Gasket

    Between Mirror Mounting Block & Door
    In Stock
  • Citroen HY H-van Mirror Glass

    Convex Glass for Original HY Mirrors
    In Stock
  • Citroen HY H-van Mirror Surround

    Silicone Surround Trim for H-van Original Mirrors
    In Stock
  • 2CV Demister Trumpet Rubber Sleeve/Grommet

    Fits where metal demister trumpet goes through bulkhead
    In Stock
  • Mirror Swivel Cup, 2CV, Dyane, etc

    Nobody else sells this part!
    In Stock
  • Sale!

    2CV / Dyane Original Geco Mirrors, with...

    The Best Quality Available for the Best Price. (see description)
    Product available with different options
  • 2CV / Dyane Mirror Mounting Block Set

    Mounting Block, 8-piece set
    In Stock
  • 2CV / Dyane Mirror Arm, Original Geco

    Original Geco Arms (see notes) 2CV, Dyane, AZU, AK
    In Stock
  • Dyane etc: Mirror mounting plate

    Triangular mounting plate inside door.
    In Stock
  • BX Door Mirror. (second hand)

    Internally Adjustable
    In Stock
  • DS Rear Reflector Surround Trims, pair

    Flexible grey edging trims, (pair).
    In Stock
  • DS bonnet release catch

    Bonnet Release: Citroen ID / DS
    In Stock
  • 2CV Front Indicator, with Stainless Bracket

    Indicator with stainless mounting 'spider' bracket.
    In Stock
  • Reverse Lamp, Stainless fixings

    2CV Van, Mehari, HY, DS Estate, & others
    In Stock