Miscellaneous Electrical

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    Fuses, glass, 5-pack

    Glass fuses, packs of 5. (choose rating)
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  • Washer Hose, (choose size)

    Windscreen Washer Hose, choice of internal diameter.
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  • Flashing LED, 'Alarm' Warning

    Alarm' LED: Automatically starts flashing when ignition switched off.
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  • Compact Twin Air Horns: LOUD!

    Twin Air Horns with built in Compressor. High & Low tones
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  • Horn, High or Low tone

    Standard universal-fit disc-type horn
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  • Horn, Small (but loud!)

    Small, lightweight horn
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  • Headlamp Bulb, 40/45w, white

    Special offer: 15% off a box of 10 !
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  • Headlamp Bulb, Halogen

    Headlight Bulb, Halogen, Round base fitting.
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  • Ignition/Alarm Switch (2 Keys)

    2-position key-operated switch with cover
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  • Switch, Pull-On, (similar 2CV)

    Universal Pull-out Switch, (similar 2CV wiper switch)
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